The mitochondrial genome of the bristletail Petrobius brevistylis (Archaeognatha: Machilidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:Podsiadlowski, L
Pagination:253 - 258
Date Published:2006
Keywords:apterygote<p>insects, Archaeognatha, mtDNA, tRNA translocation

The complete mitochondrial genome of the bristletail<p>Petrobius brevistylis<p>has been determined. The genome<p>is 15 698 bp long and bears the standard set of genes<p>common to all arthropods as well as a major non-coding<p>A + T-rich region, the putative mitochondrial control<p>region. A unique gene order was revealed as it differs<p>from other hexapod and crustacean mitochondrial<p>genomes in the position of tRNA-Tyr. Genome features<p>like nucleotide composition and codon usage are compared<p>with that of other insect taxa. A + T content is similar<p>in species of Archaeognatha and Zygentoma, but<p>obviously lower than in Collembola and Pterygota. This<p>A + T bias significantly affects also amino acid frequencies<p>and may be a problem for phylogenetic analyses.

Short Title:Insect Molecular Biology
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