Checklist of the bristletails of America north of Mexico

The institutions below are referred to in the text.
CAS California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California
IEA Instituto di Entomologia Agraria, Portici/Napoli, Italy (Is this now DEZA?)
KNWR Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Soldotna, Alaska
PAS Polish Academy of Sciences, Kracov, Poland
UAM University of Alaska Museum of the North, Fairbanks, Alaska
USNM U.S. National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C.
UWBM Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Seattle, Washington

Family Machilidae

Subfamily Machilinae

Genus Mesomachilis

Subgenus Mesomachilis

Mesomachilis leechi Sturm, 1991

Distribution: USA: California (Sturm, 1991).

Type Material: holotype ♂, allotype ♀ and paratype ♂ and ♀ at CAS (Sturm, 1991).

Mesomachilis nearctica Silvestri, 1911

Synonyms: Mixomachilis remingtoni Paclt, 1972

Distribution: USA: Arizona (Mendes, 1992; Sturm, 1991), California (Silvestri, 1911; Paclt, 1972; Sturm, 1991; Baldo et al., 2010), Colorado (Silvestri, 1911), Nevada (Sturm, 1991; Baldo et al., 2010), and Utah (Baldo et al., 2010).

Type Material: Type ♀ and paratype ♂ and ♀ at IEA (Sturm, 1991).

Mesomachilis cf. nearctica sensu Baldo et al. (2010)

Distribution: USA: California, Nevada, and Utah (Baldo et al., 2010).

Mesomachilis strenua (Silvestri, 1911)

Synonyms: Machilis strenua Silvestri, 1911; Pedetontus strenuus Smith, 1970.

Distribution: USA: California (Silvestri, 1911).

Subgenus Rarochilis

Mesomachilis californica Sturm, 1991

Distribution: USA: California (Sturm, 1991).

Type Material: holotype ♂, allotype ♀, and paratype ♂ and ♀ at CAS (Sturm, 1991).

Mesomachilis canadensis Sturm, 1991

Distribution: CANADA: British Columbia (Sturm, 1991). USA: Oregon (KNWR:Ento:8159).

Type Material: holotype ♂; allotype ♀; 9 ♂, 16 ♀, and 14 immature paratypes at USNM (Sturm, 1991).

Mesomachilis sp. A

Distribution: CANADA: British Columbia (KNWR:Ento:8164).

Genus Trigoniophthalmus

Synonyms: Trigoniophthalmus alternatus (Silvestri, 1904); Machilis alternata Silvestri, 1904

Distribution: CANADA: Ontario (Ryan Chlebak, personal communication). USA: New York (Silvestri, 1911; Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980); Connecticut,

Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980); Massachusetts and Virginia (BugGuide.Net).

Subfamily Petrobiinae

Genus Leptomachilis

Leptomachilis californica Sturm, 1991

Distribution: USA: California (Sturm, 1991). Type Material: type ♂, allotype ♀, and a paratype ♂ at CAS (Sturm, 1991).

Genus Meximachilis

Meximachilis cokendolpheri Kaplin, 1994

Distribution: USA: New Mexico (Kaplin, 1994).

Meximachilis sp. BOLD:AAV1523

Distribution: USA: Texas (see BOLD BIN BOLD:AAV1523)

Genus Neomachilis

Neomachilis halophila Silvestri, 1911

Synonyms: Neomachilis halophilus Silvestri, 1911

Distribution: USA: California (Silvestri, 1911; Benedetti, 1973; Mendes, 1992).

Genus Pedetontoides

Pedetontoides atlanticus Mendes, 1981

Distribution: USA: North Carolina (Mendes, 1981).

Type Material: holotypes and paratypes at PAS except for two paratype ♀’s in the collection of Luís Mendes (Luís Mendes, personal communication).

Pedetontoides cf. atlanticus

Distribution: CANADA: British Columbia (KNWR:Ento:8191)

Genus Pedetontus

Subgenus Pedetontus

Pedetontus californicus (Silvestri, 1911)

Distribution: USA: California (Silvestri, 1911; Mendes, 1992; Sturm, 2001), Idaho (De Jong, 2014).

Pedetontus saltator Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980

Distribution: USA: Connecticutt, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania (Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980).

Pedetontus superior (Silvestri, 1911)

Distribution: USA: Oregon (Silvestri, 1911).

Pedetontus schicki Sturm, 2001

Distribution: USA: California (Sturm, 2001).

Pedetontus yosemite Sturm, 2001

Distribution: USA: California (Sturm, 2001).

Subgenus Verhoeffilis

Pedetontus calcaratus (Silvestri, 1911)

Distribution: CANADA: British Columbia (Sturm, 1991; KNWR:Ento:8151, KNWR:Ento:8161). USA: Colorado (Silvestri, 1911; Mendes, 1981).

Pedetontus gershneri Allen, 1995

Distribution: USA: Arkansas (Allen, 1995).

Pedetontus persquamosus (Silvestri, 1911)

Distribution: USA: California (Silvestri, 1911).

Pedetontus submutans (Silvestri, 1911)

Distribution: CANADA: British Columbia (KNWR:Ento:8158). USA: Alaska (UAM:Ento:87248), Oregon (Silvestri, 1911, KNWR:Ento:8197), and Washington (Silvestri, 1911).

Genus Petridiobius

Subgenus Petridiobius

Petridiobius arcticus (Folsom, 1902)

Synonyms: Machilis arctica Folsom, 1902

Distribution: USA: Alaska (Folsom, 1902; Sturm and Bowser, 2004, KNWR:Ento:7292).

Subgenus Pacltiobius

Petridiobius canadensis Sturm, 2001

Distribution: CANADA: British Columbia (Sturm, 2001; KNWR:Ento:8195).

Genus Petrobius

Petrobius brevistylis Carpenter, 1913

Synonyms: Petrobius canadensis Paclt, 1969

Distribution: CANADA: New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980). USA: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island (Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980)

Family Meinertellidae

Genus Hypomachiloides

Hypomachiloides forthaysi Packauskas and Shofner, 2010

Distribution: Kansas (Packauskas and Shofner, 2010).

Hypomachiloides texanus Silvestri, 1911

Distribution: Texas (Silvestri, 1911).

Genus Machilinus

Machilinus aurantiacus Schött, 1897

Synonyms: Machilis aurantiacus Schött, 1897; Machilinus nevadensis Sweetman, 1937

Distribution: CANADA: British Columbia (Sturm and Bach de Roca, 1992; KNWR:Ento:8130). USA: California (Silvestri, 1911; Sturm and Bach de Roca, 1992); Colorado (Silvestri, 1911); Arizona, Nevada, and Utah (Sturm and Bach de Roca, 1992).

Machilinus matadero De Jong, 2014

Distribution: USA: Colorado (De Jong, 2014).

Machilinus taoseno De Jong, 2014

Distribution: USA: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico (De Jong, 2014).

Machilinus zingiberus De Jong, 2014

Distribution: USA: Idaho, Nevada (De Jong, 2014).

Genus Machiloides

Machiloides banksi Silvestri, 1911

Distribution: USA: Arkansas (Allen, 1995; KNWR:Ento:8815/BOLD:TTSOW231-10), Maryland (Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980), Missouri (KNWR:Ento:8876), North Carolina (Mendes, 1981), and Virginia (Silvestri, 1911; Mendes, 1992).

Machiloides petauristes Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980

Distribution: USA: New Jersey (Wygodzinsky and Schmidt, 1980)

Genus Neomachilellus

Neomachilellus sp.

Distribution: USA: Georgia (Sturm, 1984; Wygodzinsky, 1967) and Florida (Wygodzinsky, 1967).

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