Taxonomy of Zygentoma and Microcoryphia: historical overview, present status and goals for the new millennium: Proceedings of the Xth international Colloquium on Apterygota, České Budějovice 2000: Apterygota at the Beginning of the Third Millennium

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:Mendes, LF
Pagination:225 - 233
Date Published:2002///
ISBN Number:0031-4056
Keywords:future research, Microcoryphia, milestones, present knowledge, Zygentoma

SummaryThe state of art of both “thysanuran” orders, Microcoryphia (bristletails) and Zygentoma (silverfish) is analysed. Data on the main authors, knowledge evolution, main taxonomical features and geographical distribution are presented. Finally, main research areas for the next Millennium are suggested.

Short Title:Pedobiologia
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